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                                                        TRACK RULES


******** Competitors will race at their own risk ********


   Karting is a sport designed for fun and enjoyment for the whole family.  The following rules are the set of rules that will preside over the 2BR events. If there is a question in your mind as to the intensions or meanings of the rules, please contact a race director for verification.  We do not expect competitors to look for ?loopholes? or ?grey areas? by which to manipulate and gain an advantage. This will not be tolerated and will be looked on as stepping outside the rules.   The Race Directors will set the rules and every driver must apply for membership yearly with the understanding that their membership can be terminated at any time by the Race Directors.

Competitors will race at their own risk


Competitors must register in an event prior to taking to the track in any on track session.  All persons involved in the pit area are to sign the waiver and obtain a pit pass. Individuals that are minors must sign the liability waiver along with the adult giving parental consent. All entry fees will be paid at the time of registering. 

Competitor Responsibility:

Competitors are solely and directly responsible for the safety of their race karts and racing equipment, and are obligated to perform their duties in a manner designed to minimize the risk of injury to themselves and others.


 General Code of Conduct

2Brothers Raceway will not tolerate racers, crew members or affiliates who are acting belligerently to others on the premises.  Drivers, crew members, and affiliates will be expected to treat all others with respect and dignity at all times.  The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited during any racing event.  Alcohol may be allowed after an event depending on the policies of the hosting facility.



                                                       OPEN CLUTCH RULE



   All drivers will wear an appropriate (Face Shield) helmet when driving a kart.  Suits, gloves, racing shoes (No open toed shoes) and neck restraints are required. Long pants and long sleeved shirt or jacket (LEATHER RECOMMENDED) must be worn when racing, NO shorts. 

All junior drivers must wear neck restraints.


Driver Conduct

Driver conduct rules are in place to protect competitors from unreasonable interference from other competitors.  This unreasonable and unacceptable interference could be generally classified as rough driving and/or blocking, both of which are to be penalized at the Race Directors discretion.


 The responsibility for being patient and waiting for an opportunity to make a clean pass rests on the passing driver.  All passes must occur with at least 2 wheels on the racing surface.

            Rough Driving: 

Rough driving is a term commonly applied to knocking (punting) another competitor from the line or the course, nerffing, or other avoidable contact with another kart.  It must be understood that there is a fine line that exists between malicious intent and inadvertent contact.  The basic rule is , No contact? is allowed.  Good competitive racing sometimes sees contact between competitors.  This type of contact can still be considered a violation depending on the incident, and is at the complete discretion of the race officials.  As a general rule, any driver who initiates avoidable contact with another driver(s) may be penalized.  Penalties may include being placed behind the victimized driver, regardless of finish position.  Drivers deemed to be engaging in {Rough Driving}, may be subject to a waving black flag without warning or may be asked to remove themselves from the premises and no points awarded.


Blocking is a cheap tactic that is used by drivers to keep faster drivers behind them.  This is considered unsportsmanlike and is subject to penalty.  Generally, a driver will receive a rolled black flag for blocking the first time.  If this tactic continues, the guilty driver may receive a waving black flag.

            Stopping on the Race Course: 

 Competitors that stop on the track must first and foremost get themselves and their kart to a safe location, out of the way of others and  Stay In The Kart At ALL TIMES During the Race. A drivers privilege to re-enter the track session is subject to track officials discretion based on their interpretation of safe to do so?.


 Miscellaneous Rules

The race director shall disqualify any driver who, in their opinion or that of his observers, is in violation of the rules.

* All bolts used to fasten weights to karts must be cotter keyed, safety wired, or double nutted.

Paint weights white.

Karts that cause an accident and subsequent restart shall be put to the rear of the pack. The decision of the race director whether a kart caused the incident cannot be contested. Any driver that causes three cautions will be Black Flagged.  

                                      1.There will be No working on kart while on the track.If chain derails,it can be put back on ONE TIME ONLY.

                2.There will be a mandatory drivers meeting 20 minutes prior to heat races. 

                  3.No disposing of oil onto the ground.There will be a disposal drum provided.

                                   4.Numbers must be visible on karts.  If the number is not readable the driver may forfeit any points possibly earned for that race.

                                     5.Any protest must be filed in writing to a Race Director within 30 minutes of the final race.

6. It is the responsibility of the kart owner or operator to make sure your karts weight is correct for the class you will be competing in, It is not the scale operators responsibility.

The scales are open during the whole event to get the proper weight added or taking away.

 Drivers may use more than one kart and qualify in more than one heat.


 There will be a $15.00 *(Non refundable)* entry fee per kart for each race date. If the driver starts a heat race there will be no refund to that driver for faulty equipment or break downs. We do have a procedure for refunds do to inclement weather.




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